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Gas Fill Machines

Developed over 20 years ago, initially for the ride control industry, our unique approach to the gas filling of stored gas products has made Cardinal Machine Company an industry leader in gas fill technology.  Currently multiple customers within ride control (shock absorbers and struts) and air bag inflator industries utilize Cardinal gas fill technology.  In simplest terms, the product is fixtured, filled, and resistance welded to seal the stored gas.  This is done at production speeds to a high degree of accuracy.  Our systems often include ancillary processes such as; automatic load/unload, proofing (filling product above design pressure to test integrity),  and post weighing (verifying fill accuracy via weight), and venting (creating an inert product from out-of-specification parts).

We have dozens of gas fill installations worldwide in varying configurations and for a multitude of different products.  We welcome to opportunity to look at your gas fill needs.   Call us at 810-686-1190 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quote. 

Resistance Welders

Since our earliest years of operation, Cardinal Machine Company has been designing and building custom resistance welding solutions.  We successfully utilize and integrate AC, DC mid-frequency, and capacitive discharge processes.   Regardless of your need, Cardinal Machine Company can provide a resistance welding solution.  A sampling of the type of equipment that we build would include:

·         Typical press welder type machines

·         Single or multi-station spot and/or projection welders (manual or auto load/unload)

·         Dial index type style machines utilizing resistance welding workstations

·         Robotic spot welding cells

Arc Welders

Using primarily the GMAW (Mig) or PAW (Plasma) processes, Cardinal Machine Company’s custom welders can meet your manufacturing requirements.  Whether your part calls for spot, linear, or circumferential welding, we can provide the solution.  Depending on the application, either a fixed or moveable torch and/or part may be employed.  Additional features such as seam tracking, torch oscillation, and arc length control may be utilized to attain certain characteristics and provide required output.  

Robot Cells and Integration

Cardinal Machine Company routinely uses robots in a wide variety of manufacturing applications.  We take pride in our simple and user-friendly approach to robot integration.  Whether your application calls for automatic assembly, material handling, resistance, GMAW (MIG), or PAW (Plasma) welding, we can provide a repeatable, user-friendly solution.   Additionally we offer our standard CMC-VS MIG welding cell as a safe, intuitive, and rapidly deployed cell for small to mid-sized assemblies. 

Call us at 810-686-1190 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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