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Flexiv: The Adaptive FORCE CONTROL Robot

Cardinal is a preferred partner of flexiv's intelligent turnkey automation solutions
Flexiv Adaptive Force Control Robots

The Future of Industrial Automation Solutions


Fusing industrial-grade force control and AI-powered machine vision technologies, Flexiv's adaptive force control robot adapts to uncertainties while providing automation solutions to challenging tasks.
As a Flexiv robotics system integrator, Cardinal will have full access to the Rizon 4, Rizon 4s, and Rizon 10 robotic arms and the Moonlight parallel robot. They can be integrated into existing production lines or used for stand-alone applications. Combining adaptive force control technology with a robot that can work collaboratively with a human operator offers even more potential solutions to complex tasks.
Flexiv defines this next-generation adaptive robot as one with high tolerability of position variance, great disturbance rejection and transferrable intelligence across different tasks. Embodying hand-eye coordination skills as a human does allows it to accomplish complex tasks and accommodate complex environments.

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Value of Force Control Robotic Adaptivity


Flexiv Applications

Accomplish More Applications

  • Sophisticated hand-eye coordination like humans
  • Adapt to more complex tasks
  • Adapt to more open and uncertain environments
Flexiv Production Line Flexibility

Upgrade The Flexibility of Production Lines

  • Adapt to different workpieces for better compatibility of the production line
  • Improve overall success rate, changeover efficiency, and device reuse rate
Flexiv Total Cost Optimization

Optimize The Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lower the initial automation investment
  • Lower the deployment cost
  • Lower the maintenance cost

General Assembly

The Rizon adaptive force control robots are versatile enough to automate common assembly tasks in manufacturing, including but not limited to loading and unloading, fastening, installing, plugging, pasting, tidying, etc., which can effectively lower the automation complexity and improve production flexibility.
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The adaptive robot is versatile enough to automate common assembly tasks in manufacturing
The adaptive robot can be applied in surface treatment scenarios such as curved-surface polishing and edge trimming.

Surface Treatment


The adaptive force control robot can be applied in surface treatment scenarios such as curved-surface polishing and edge trimming. Its advanced hybrid motion/force control ability directly ensures the real-time fitting for the workpiece surface and stable dynamic force control to achieve great polishing performance.
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Precision Manipulation


Equipped with fine force sensing and control accuracy, Flexiv adaptive force control robots can deal with the assembly of small-size, high-precision force control required workpieces, such as the FPC connecting, precise screw locking, and fastening. The manipulation can avoid the workpiece’s damage and guarantee the success rate as well as efficiency. 
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Flexiv Adaptive Robot Equipped with fine force sensing and control accuracy
Flexiv Adaptive Robot Mobile Operation

Mobile Operation


Combined with mobile platforms like AGV/AMR/external axis, the adaptive force control robot turns out to be an operating system with more degrees of freedom to realize applications in broader space. It can automatically tolerate position errors brought by mobile platforms, visual positioning, environment changes, and vibrations to achieve stable manipulations.
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Service & Innovation


With excellent versatility and flexibility, fusing advanced AI technology, the adaptive force control robot can be applied in a variety of industries to innovatively solve manufacturing pain points. Based on the flexible business model, the Flexiv team owns great technical engineering capacities that can greatly empower technical partners or end-users to realize advanced automation solutions and applications in multiple industries and scenarios
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Adaptive Robot Versatility and Flexibility
An Innovative Automation Solution

The Adaptive FORCE CONTROL Robot



High Tolerance For Position Variance
High Tolerance for Position Variance

Ability to perform tasks despite uncertainty in position. (e.g. manufacture or mounting tolerance of workpieces, accumulated position error in production line)

Great Disturbance Rejection
Great Disturbance Rejection

Ability to maintain performance even amid significant changes in the environment. (e.g. floating base, vibration, human interference)

Transferable Intelligence
Transferable Intelligence

Can handle a wide variation of similar tasks. The Adaptive Robot can also support rapid redeployment and improved performance to new tasks.

Flexiv Adaptive Force Control Robot Specifications

Robot Arm
Rizon 4
Rizon 4s
Rizon 10
Degrees of Freedom
7 7 7
Payload 4kg 3.5kg 10kg
20kg 20kg 33kg
780mm 780mm 810mm
Max Reach
955mm 990mm 1015mm


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