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Cardinal Machine Company

We Solve Complex Machine Building & Automation System Challenges

Cardinal Machine Company is a designer and builder of special machines, tooling, fixtures, and factory automation systems. We provide solutions for mechanical engineers, buyers and others. If you are faced with complex problems, we are your experienced, proven partner.

We Help Customers Just Like You

What Is Your Machine Building or Automation Challenge?


From complex multi-station assembly or material handling lines to simple fixtures, Cardinal can meet your requirements. Choose the scenario below that best describes your need to learn how we can help.

Cardinal Machine Builders
You Need A Single Machine or an Entire Line

Do you need one or several machines or an entire line built or replicated? For new machines and lines, we work with you to generate a design to fit your needs. For replications, we'll accurately match your current configuration feature-for-feature or improve and optimize as needed.

Cardinal Machine Design Services
You Need Machine Design Engineering Services

Do you have an idea for a machine or system, but need it designed? At Cardinal, we not only build machines, but we also design them, too. We can provide a complete design package, including mechanical, electrical, fluid power, and software design. 

Cardinal Machine Rebuilding and Recommisioning
You Need Machine Rebuilding or Recommissioning

Do you have existing equipment that is no longer in use, worn out, or requires tooling for new or additional products? Cardinal machine rebuilding services can provide you with like-new machines and performance, with the latest technology, at a fraction of the cost of new.

Cardinal Robotic Machines
You Need Robots

Whether you need robots for welding, material handling, assembly, or have an adaptive force control requirement, Cardinal can provide a fully integrated, turn-key solution. We take pride in developing safe, efficient, user-friendly, robotic systems.

Cardinal Gas Fill Machines
You Need Gas Fill Machines

Does your product require automatic gas filling and pressurizing? From 0-15,000 psi, Cardinal Gas Fill Machines are a recognized standard in the industry. Whether your products are shock absorbers, struts, air bag inflators, or something else, Cardinal Gas Fill technology can provide the solution.

New Products and Processes
You Have a New Product or Process

Have a new product or process and need a machine to produce it? Let us review your needs and make suggestions? Adapting existing tooling and equipment or starting with a blank sheet of paper, we can offer meaningful, cost-efficient, and effective solutions.

Let Us Help
You Are Not Alone

Let Us Be Your Guide


Cardinal offers simple, reliable, durable solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges. We strive for unparalleled excellence. We utilize the latest technological advancements. Our clean and modern facility, along with our experienced staff, helps us achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Compact Designs

Compact Designs

We design machines to fit into whatever space is allocated.


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Robotic Machines

We have decades of robotics application and integration experience.


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Welding Machines

Welding Machines

Decades of experience optimizing various welding applications.


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Tooling Integration

Tooling Integration

We bring all your various systems together seamlessly so you don't have to worry. 


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Automation Systems Spare Parts

Spare Parts & Customer Support

In a jam? Need a part or repair? We are here 24/7. 


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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Multi-axis capabilities.


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CAD Systems

We utilize CAD/CAM principles to take our 3D part models directly from engineering to the manufacturing floor.


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3D Design

Utilizing 3D design 100% of time for 20+ years.


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Our Guiding Principle

Simple solutions to complex problems


At Cardinal, we specialize in the complex. We take on difficult projects and we take pride in getting them done. We might be a small shop, but that means you get personal attention, not cookie-cutter solutions. If you have a complex  challenge, we'd love to help solve it.


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Seeing is Believing

Our Machines In Action


Whether your process requires complex multi-station assembly lines, dial index machines, robotic cells, single station machines, or just a simple fixture, Cardinal Machine Company can meet your requirements. This video is proof.


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We Look Out For You

We Check All the Machine Building Boxes


We might be small, but we've got you covered. We are a proud American machine builder. Here are the services we provide without you having to pay extra.

Experienced Technical Team

We cover all the bases of custom machine making, from engineering to design to building to testing and commissioning.

Global Sales & Installation

We are North American based, but we can and will go anywhere to help manufacturers with their custom machine needs.

Cost-Effective Designs

Affordability is always top of mind. We are cognizant of the pricing pressures placed on manufacturers in today's global economy.

Lean Organization

At Cardinal, we adhere to Lean Manufacturing principles so as to create the most productive, most efficient environment possible.

Dedicated Project Managers

Each Cardinal client gets a dedicated project manager who stays with their project for the full duration of its lifecycle. And beyond.

A Committed Team

Our technical team has been providing specialized machine building services since 1972. We bring continuity, integrity and real-world experience to everything we do.

A Great Choice Worth Considering

Why Trust Cardinal Machine Company for Your Machine Build or System Integration?


When you have a need for machine building and systems integration, we realize there are many solutions to choose from. From design and engineering to build and integration, Cardinal Machine Company welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate why we would be a great choice for all of your machine-building needs. 

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